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Sala Baganza

1876 ​​marks the beginning that portrays the Merusi family in the production of cured meats and cheeses and in particular of Parma ham. Located in the heart of the Food Valley in front of Piazza Gramsci, with a spectacular view of the Rocca Sanvitale of Sala Baganza, the Merusi 1876 offers a fine selection of meats, cheeses, wines and other products of the highest quality such as pickled vegetables, honey and crumble Cake. All the best of a unique territory, renowned in particular for its two excellences: Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma. Its cured meats, the result of careful research among high quality raw materials, are created thanks to the patient and skilful transformation process carried out by skilled local artisans thanks to the experience and knowledge of the Merusi family. It is then stored in the owned cellar which, thanks to its characteristic cool and dry microclimate, ensures the cured meats have an extraordinary aroma. Finally, these tasty masterpieces are exhibited in the shop where they await you to enchant you with their delicate aroma, guarantee of a salami with a sweet and
unmistakable. You can buy directly in the store or sit comfortably to delight with all our products, our outdoor area is the icing on the cake. True delights for connoisseurs, the Merusi 1876 cured meats will transport you to another dimension, one in which you can savor the love and passion for your work together with the experience of a tradition that has guaranteed pleasure for more than one hundred and fifty years. of the goodness on our tables.



On 1 September 2020 we inaugurated our second store in the famous gastronomic capital of Parma, as well as the city home of the well-known Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma Ham.
The shop is located in a central position, next to the beautiful Piazzale della Pace, a symbol of ducal power with the Palazzo della Pilotta, an ancient historic palace of the Farnese family which today houses the Archaeological Museum, the Palatine library, the National Gallery and the Farnese Theater. .
In our shop you can not only buy our products but also taste them with a sandwich or with a delicious cutting board and why not accompany it with a good Rigoletto (our sparkling red) or our local wines (Orlando, Duchessa, Maria Vittoria, Ambra Rosé ) and craft beers.
Parma is our city, a land of art, culture and good food, where every year it welcomes and makes you fall in love with thousands of tourists from all over the world attracted by the beauty that only our Italy can offer.

passion is our secret

“Dimmi quel che mangi e ti dirò chi sei” (Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

Sicuramente chi degusterà i nostri prodotti sarà trasportato in una diversa dimensione, quella dove si assapora amore e passione per il proprio lavoro e quella per la materia prima.

Siamo fieri di accertare che la nostra gamma di prodotti sono tutti naturali, senza conservanti e coloranti, facendone un must per coloro che inseguono una vita sana ed equilibrata.

Selezioniamo con cura i nostri salumi, formaggi e vini per garantire nelle tavole di tutto il mondo il meglio del nostro territorio conosciuto in particolare per le sue due eccellenze quella del Parmigiano Reggiano e del Prosciutto Crudo di Parma.

Alessandro & Anna Merusi